Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I'm so terrible I know

Well here we are, and it's already the 2nd of April!! Where has time gone?? Can't say that I'm not happy it's going by quickly....446 days to go!!

We made it through Easter, another holiday down. We kind of go through the motions, but for the most part it's just another day.

It's finally spring time.....I feel like a bear coming out of hibernation in a way. The sun is shining more now, the temperature is a bit more bearable. I've starting going to the gym, finally feeling the energy from it. The first two weeks I was crazy tired, but much better now. It's still not my favorite thing but it needs to be done.

The kids are doing good as always. Spring break starts this Friday....

Cheyanne's still keeping busy with all her after school activities: Girl Scouts, Honor Choir, Keyboarding, and Bible Club. Thank goodness she's so organized, she reminds me everyday what time to pick up!

Dalton is still Dalton! Getting by as far as school goes...

It's so hard to believe he will be in high school next year, and Cheyanne will be in middle school....where have the years gone?

Brian is good...working hard as always.

And me.....I'm hanging in there. I'm missing family and friends something terrible. I found out that my brother is going to be a kills me not to be there for that. I miss working something awful. I'm so NOT the stay at home type of person.

Well I think that just about catches us up. I promise promise promise to blog more often.

Oh Oh Oh !!!! I almost forgot! I have gotten tattoos #4 and #5!!! I'm loving them, they definately represent my time here.

#4 my Buddha sitting in a lotus flower on the outside of my left calf...isn't he cute!!

#5 I just got this one today...Cherry Blossoms on my left shoulder.

Ok so NOW that catches us up. Hope to hear from ya'll!


*mindi* said...

oh wow! those are REALLY nice (and a tad painful looking). the buddha is so cute :) but the flowers are my favorite.

Mike(Dad) said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by and leaving a trail back to you. I've wondered if you were blogging again. So I need to know, are those tattoos real? They are pretty, but I'm with Mindi, they look painful. val

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was browsing around and came upon to your site and saw the picture of buddha tattoo you got.
And I want to get one like your, I was wondering where did you find the picture from?