Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I know it may seem like it's early in the year, but the water park is open on post!!!! The weather here is getting reallly warm and humid. This water park is really great. It's only about a five miute walk from the house, and the best part is that for a family pass, for the entire summer, is ONLY $100!!!
Can't beat that! The kids had a lot of fun this past weekend. Dalton is not in any of the pictures, so I will have more pics later. These pics show alot of the park but not the olimpic size pool, and also the diving pool.

Memorial weekend fun!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


About three week ago, Cheyanne came to me with a permission slip to try out for the school's talent show. I really could not believe she wanted to do this, because she is very shy at times. I signed, reassuring her to doing her best was all that mattered. They were only picking 20 kids to be in the show. She come home the following monday, after tryouts, extra bouncy! I asked her what was going on, as she produce the letter saying she had made the show, and the happy dance started. So far the past two weeks I tryed to get her to practice her "talent", but she always had something else to do.

So last night we attended HAES Idol. No one was going to "win", it was just to showcase their talents. There were eight singers, six kids playing the piano, one very frightened and crying girl reading a friendship poem, one girl playing the guitar, two dancing groups, and my Cheyanne doing a comedic monolgue. Yes of all things a comedic monolgue!!!

She did so good!! We are very proud of her. I'd love the put the video footage of her on the blog, but I have a very old camcorder, so it's not possible. If you have a second read below. This is what my very crazy daughter got up on stage in front of a large group of people and did for her talent:

"Daaaad, do we have to go to grandma's? I mean I don't know what make you think going to grandma is so much fun. I mean you get up early and polish the car like we're going some place cool, like the beach or something. Is it just me or does her house smell like and old antique store couch. After all I'm the one she latches on to, to listen to all her old stories. Well I'm sorry dad if I can't appreciate her "wisdom" right now, but even you can admit the womans a little bit crazy. I mean come on, one time I was going into the kitchen to get myself a drink when I heard her talking to somebody. I didn't want to disturb her, so I was real quiet. She was asking grandpa how much salt he liked in the stew, and he's been dead for TEN years!! I mean come on!! Oh and her cooking! What was that she made us for dinner last time, boiled okra, that's just wrong!! It felt like a hairy calm going down my throat! It took me three to four sips of coke ofter each bit to get it down and keep it down! Yuck!!! I can still taste it! So dad please can we skip this visit, I mean Christmas is only four months away, I sure she wouldn't mind if we just called! Pleeeeeessssse!!!

Yes, that's my girl!!!!! Just gotta love her!!!!

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Pottery Expo and Temple

pottery and temple
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Yesterday I went on a little adventure. I signed up to go on this trip to a pottery expo and temple trip out of town. Can anyone believe I did this not knowing anyone else who was going!! At first it felt like high school all over again, but the majority of the women were nice, and the day turn out good.

The temple was not near as nice as the first won I went to but it is still real neat to see. I hope ya'll enjoy the pictures.