Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Korean People

First, I am very honored to have Valerie reading my blog. Thank you!

My thoughts about Korean people you ask...I have very mixed fillings. These feelings may stem from being in a different situation than you were with your exchange students. I am in their country!

Most people here are very polite and keep to theirselves. I have met some extremely friendly people who want to talk, but can't understand that my extent of the Hungal language is "hello", and "thank you"! Then you have the shop owners who want to sell something so bad that when you walk into their shops they are literally on your heels. Most stores are very cluttered to start with then the owner is right behind you, for a person who needs her personal space, this can really keep one out of the shops unless you have to have something.

Personal space, that's something I don't think they know about here. In the states if you are on a public bus and had to sit with someone you don't know, I think most of us would make it a point not to touch the other person. Well I have been on a bus here, not the buses on post, but a actual public bus heading to another town, and have had a Korean man sit next to me. Not only did he not ask, but his leg was touching mine the WHOLE time! I moved as close to the window as possible, this just gave him more room to get closer. Needless to say, that was the longest bus ride!

Cheyanne has actually been pushed aside when we were walking down the street. I guess the old lady thought she was walking too slow! Another man actually tried to touch her freckles!

We are taught "when in Rome". We now take our shoes off before entering our home or anyones for that matter. We even take our shoes off at church! We have been to resturants were we not only take our shoes off but we sit on the floor to eat. My friend laughs at me because my right legs falls asleep every time.

There are some people who are not happy to have Americans here. Thank goodness I have not come across those.

This is such a learning experience, in every way I thought it would be, plus so much more.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Little things!!!!

What is this? Laundry? Folded towels? Oh it's way more than that! This is a picture of the first load of laundry done in the brand new washer and dryer we have gotten in our apartment!!! No more loading up laundry in bags, carrying them down three flights of stairs, then walk about a mile plus round trip, wash, dry, then fold it all, return home to haul it all back up the stairs, then put it all away!!!!!! It's just a washer and dryer, but as I've learned through life, it's the little things that matter most!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

More on Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley? He is a character from a book with the same name by Jeff Brown. I'm pretty sure Stanley was normal, until one day he was smushed by a chalkboard, causeing him to be flat. Since becoming flat, he has realized he can do a lot of things we can't, like slide under looked doors, and put himself in envelopes and mail himself anywhere. Flat Stanley has been all over the world. You can visit The Official Flat Stanley Project see my links.

All the kids in the class colored their own Stanleys and mailed them to people they know. So Flat Stanley is here in South Korea. We have to "show" Stanley around town. "He" will then write a paper about his visit here, and return home with pictures and such. Here are a few pictures from Stanley's visit so far:

Flat Stanley with Kimchi and Mandu

Flat Stanley with other Korean dishes at Lunar New Year (ok so this coonass brought hot wings to a Korean meal, lower left! ;) )

Cheyanne and Stanley waiting for the bus

Cheyanne and Stanley with Kimchi pots (these pots are used to store kimchi and rice)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Brian's asleep, so I have a little free time.

Mindi, in answer to your question, Cheyanne attends Hunpherys American Elementary School, which is actually located right here on the base Brian works. Dalton attends Osan American High School which is on Osan Air Force Base, and that's about 30 minutes away. Both schools are American Department of Defense schools. All the kids who attend the school are associated with the military in some way, either they have a parent in the military, which most of them do, or they have a parent that has a contract job through the Department of Defense. Their schools are fully American acreditted schools.

As I have said several times all ready, even the simplest things are different over here. As everyone knows it's tax time. Well at home I gather all of our stuff together, bring it to the accountant, return in two days to sign the papers, then in about two weeks we have our money. Well needless to say there are no accountants over here, American any way. I found out you can go to the Tax Center on base and they will do your taxes, same day, and Efile them for you. Easy enough right!?!?! Of course not! Yes they file your federal taxes for you, so that part is done, BUT you have to file your state taxes. Is there an easy way to file your state taxes online, I ask? Oh yeah, just go on line to the state web sight, download the program, and follow the directions. Again, easy enough right?!?!? Oh noooooo! Did any one know that Arkansas is one of only three states that if you are filing your taxes online you must file Federal and State TOGETHER! Since our Federal have already been filled, we have to file the old fashion way for state! NEVER in all my life have I had to do this!!!! IT's so much fun living in a foreign country!!! ;)

Oh by the way HAPPY MARDI GRAS
I want to wish some Hapy Birthdays also:

Happy Birthday to my neice Rae Dawn, my friend Carrie in Mississippi, and my beautiful god daughter Kasey Marie!

Kasey if Nanny has the year right, Happy 18th. I love you and will call you!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catching up

Ok, so I haven't made an entry in a little while. Sorry! Brian has been off a lot the past couple of weeks. Both he and the kids had a four day weekend this past weekend. Lunar New Year was celebrated this weekend. It's a chance for Koreans to travel to their home towns and pay respect to the elders in their families.
Everything here is going fine. The kids are doing fine in school. The weather has actually been wonderful the past few days. The temperature actually made it up to 53 today!
How is everyone out there? I'm beginning to wonder if anyone, besides Lawana and Mindi, even read this blog. Commenting is very easy, I'd love to hear from everybody.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

He's Here!!!!!!!

From flat stanley

He's finally here! Flat Stanley has finally made it to Korea, and I am so excited. This is a project I am helping Kaitlyn, a friend's daughter back home, with. He is here for a few weeks to see what it is like to live in Korea. We plan on taking him out to eat, as well as to school with Cheyanne, and to work with Brian. When he is finished with his visit, he will return home with a story and pictures of his visit with us.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Funny Stuff

I can so see Dalton doing something like this! I hope it brings a smile to your face like it did mine.