Wednesday, November 28, 2007

2 down.....1 more to go.....

Well we made it through another Thanksgiving.....much different than last year I must say. My friend Michelle and I, with the help of our three girls, cooked the whole thing for our families and a couple of her husband's soldiers. After eating we played board games, having a lot of fun. So now we have 2 down and 1 more to go!!!
Can you believe it's already been a little bit over a year since we moved here!?!?!? Some days (very few actually) it feels it can't possible be that long, but on others it seems like way longer than it has been! And to think only 572 days left! ( but who's counting!)
Every one is doing great.....Brian goes before the promotion board in either Jan. or Feb. for his promotion to Sergeant. Keep him in your thoughts....

The kids are doing well....getting ready for Christmas break of course. Dalton is Dalton what more is there to say! He's steady on the go, growing too much and still skinny as a pole. He will actually be turning 14 this coming Friday, sooo hard to believe!

Cheyanne is keeping busy herself. Last year I couldn't get her to join a club to save her life...this year is a different story. Monday is Digital Photography Club, Thursday brings Girl Shouts, and Friday is reserved for Bible Club. She's having a blast!

And me......I'm just trying to stay busy. Trying not to get home sick, this time of the year is really hard. I'm actually looking forward Christmas this year, instead of going through the motions! We put the tree up the Friday after Thanksgiving, and it already has a few presents under it!!!
Well I hope to hear from everybody....

Our cooking help....Addy, Cheyanne and Lexi! What a trio!

Dalton and Addy.....she's quick to tell you "Dalton's my besth friend!"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

It's that damn simple!!!

Ok so Cheyanne found out that Brian can make homemade white gravy, not the instant like mom they had to get up early Saturday morning and make some. She was a bit worried at first because he was not going to measure the ingredience, "just watch....." he told here. So here are pictures of Mr and Miss Bob and Betty Crocker making their gravy. When it as all said and done she says....."is that it?" and he replies "it's that damn simple!!!"